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Mount Huangshan - Anhui

Mount Huangshan, situated in the south of Anhui province, is a famous scenic spot and convallescent and summer resort in China. It is honored as a national treasure and a wonder in the world. In 1990, UNESCO listed it as a world natural and cultural heritage site.

Mount Huangshan, precipitous and magnificent, is usually considered as the most peculiar mountain in China. There are 77 peaks over 1,000 m high, 30 of which are very famous. The highest one is Lotus Peak (1,873 m), followed by Peak of Celestial City and Peak of Brightness, both above 1,800 m.

The renowned Four Wonders of Huangshan are the spectacular rocks, oddly shaped pines, hot springs and the sea of cloud.

Peculiar Pine Trees
Pine trees of Mount Huangshan mainly grow on the cliffs or are rooted in the cracks between rocks. They are different in posture, but all are imcomparably marvelous and adorable.

The most famous pine tree on Mount Huangshan is the so-called Guests-Greeting Pine Tree which comes out of rocks and stands upright over the Cave of Wisdom east of Peak of Jade Screen. It has been there for more than 1,000 years. Its front branches stretch forward as if it is spreading its arms to greet guests from afar.

Spectacular Rocks
There are numerous spectacular rocks on Mount Huangshan such as rocks on Lotus Peak which look like a lotus in blossom when seen from far away and Feilai Rock in Feilai Peak which seems to be separated from the peak, as if it alighted from afar.

At the left side of Valley of North Sea Disseminating Flowers, there is an isolated rock peak on the top of which grows a peculiar pine tree like a flower, known as "Dreamy Blossom".

In addition, there are rocks like Squirrel Jumping over Celestial City, Donkey Viewing the Sea, Celestial Girls Scattering Flowers, Lord Guan Blocking the Way of Cao Cao, Immortals Playing Chess and so on, each of which looks vivid, attracting tourist with their peculiar charm.

Sea of Cloud
There is splendid sea of cloud on Mount Huangshan. When the sea of cloud appears, peaks emerge and disappear from time to time. Especially at sunset, a colorful aureole accasionally occurs. The aureole may encircle people and move with people's stirring. This is the famous "treasure light", also called "Buddha halo".

Hot Springs
The hot spring in the front part of Mount Huangshan is the most famous kind. In an interval of a few years, the water turns red before gradually clearing after six or seven days. Its temperature usually stays at 42 degree. Water is limpid, and is suitable for drinking and shower. It is of some medicinal value.

Do you know?

Mount Huangshan has wonderful scenery. Xu Xiake, a famous geographer and traveler of Ming Dynasty, visite the mountain, and described it in a poem, calling it the best of all mountains. The poem goes to the effects that no mountain in the world could bear comparason with Mount Huangshan; no mountain in the world deserves climbing after one visiting Mount Huangshan.

Because the cliffs of Mount Huangshan are black, they were originally called the Yishan in Qin Dynasty. It is said that Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan made elixirs here and became an immortal. Later, Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty, who believed in Taoism, issued an edict renaming Yishan as Mount Huangshan to commemorate Yellow Emperor. The mountain is also called Huangyue.

Reference data

Mount Huangshan has an area of about 154 square km, known as 500-mile Mount Huangshan.

Among the local special products of Mount Huangshan, green tea Mao Feng (the downy tips of the tea leaves) and the magic fungus (a Chinese herb medicine) are world-famous.
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